Release: 27th of March 2015
Genre: real time 4X
Hours played: 100+

I played Star Ruler 1 and it was kind of messy, unordered and I lost interest really fast. Star Ruler 2 is a different story. Though in my books it's only a second place behind Stellaris it's a really good space 4X game. Besides that I just plain love the notion that you can build your flagships bigger and bigger and some races even have to, the diplomacy is plain fantastic. It works with cards you can buy with which you can annex planets or systems or build a galactic mall or name flagships.

Fleets though always assemble around your flagships and aren't only bought with your budget but your general defense points. The weapons are plenty and the research tree is interesting.

The more resources you put into your planets the bigger the population grows and the more civilian buildings are build. The ideas the developers had on this one are truly innovative and great. It hadn't had the press it deserves and then Stellaris happened.

As a scifi or 4x gamer you should have a look!

Examples of me playing: (all of them)

SR2: Flying Bacon
SR2: Star Gate Empire