I am Commandelicious. I was born in 1980 in north-western Germany in Oldenburg. I started playing videos games at the fine age of eleven and it all went sideways from there. The first english word I learnt was carrier while playing Empire Deluxe on my Atari 1040 ST. A few decades later I still play games, I now have a beard and don't need no glasses any more the rest stays the same.

I do enjoy strategy games a whole lot. I love games where I just can administrate some stuff like Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe or Cities: Skylines where I spend hours just on one crossing or one part of the highway. My perfectionism is so relentless that I have to force myself to do other stuff. An example: I just spend this whole week, every free minute I basically had (minus the four hours of Doctor Who I somehow squeezed in) to get this homepage up. 

What did I do jobwise? I was an electronic technician, I was a driver for both food and drugs (meds...), I build bicycles, I made plastic, I helped building a ship, I put vegetables into supermarket shelves, I planned transportation routes, I delivered photographies, I harvested strawberries for three days, I sold goth clothing and for about 21 days I was in the german military. 

What are my hobbies? I have a lot of hobbies and interests. I love maps. I love statistics. I enjoy painting modell soldiers and building and sometimes to fiddle with linux and html but not as much as I ever could have that as a job. Youtube and gameplay videos were a hobby, but I am kind of now earning money with it so I guess that doesn't count anymore does it? I have a strong interest in history and I don't like it repeating itself.