Release: 13th of August 2013
Genre: Grand strategy
Hours played: 1200+

My history with Europa Universalis is a long one. I played EU2 back in the day and still have the CD somewhere. I was very fascinated that someone could code such a complicated and intrigueing game. I did not play EU2 and 3 a lot but enjoyed them both. The series vanished from my radar for a bit and I rediscovered EU4 after the first DLC.

Unlike Civilization I can't play EU4 besides watching a series or doing other things but it still overcame Civ 5 and 6 by far in hours played.

EU4 will always be the core grand strategy game in my books even though I had to relearn the whole game at least twice due to expansions and Paradox just redoing everything like the fort system.

There is just this typical Paradox vibe to the entire series of Europa Universalis which makes the end of the game, when you finally reach 1821 truly epic. And of course it's the most played game on my channel.

Examples of me playing:

Eu4: Bosnia
Eu4: Provence