Top games of 2017


This short list are the five games I enjoyed most playing in 2017. That, of course, doesn't mean they are all in all better than other games and I will not give them any scores, just a quick rundown what I do and do not like about them.

1. Factorio

Factorio is probably one of the most german games out there by a small code smithy in Prague. It has been described as RTS which I oppose strongly. Factorio Thumbnail

In any case, development began in 2012, so the game is already a few years old but still not finished (if it ever will be).

The goal of the game is to launch a rocket while being opposed by some hostile aliens called biters which happen not to like the polution you are spreading over their (once) green planet.

Getting to the rocket is interessting for a speed run but with the science pack you get from the rockets a whole lot more is possible.

Factorio has multiplayer gameplay for a while now and they are working, as far as I know, even in a competatvive mode. In that regard the RTS I mentioned a few lines above might come in again and back on me but the game is a puzzle game. You puzzle your way through the various production processes and at some point have to think about logistics. And in all that mess of trying to get ressources where they should be going by conveyor belt or train you fix mistakes.

And the part when the base actually is kind of ready to build everything you need everything has to be optimized and the ores you mine elsewhere run out. And I love it.Link to the playthrough

lvl39nerd and I playing factorio 

2. Open Xcom

A game being around 1994 and back then one of the best games you could get. Now we have a version that is free and being improved plus various mods. OpenXcom Thumbnail 1

And I can assure you it's not just the XCOM nostalgia riling me up here. I have an ongoing playthrough and with all the improvement they made (working mouse wheel (we had no mouse wheels in 1994), right clicks for quicker access to crafts, the game remembering what every single soldier should carry etc) the game is even a lot more fun than it was 20+ years ago.

The mod support even gave me the possibily to get a mod, several mods or in my case a full mod pack which gave the game a lot of content on top of it.

For me the remake doesn't exist. I personally despise it. Of course if OpenXcom Thumbnail 2you like it then you like it and there is no judgement involved but the original is a perfect mixture of base building, base management and tactical ground missions.



3. RimWorld

As well as OpenXcom and Factorio are base building games RimWorld is, too. But it's a story telling program. You do things and the game tells you a story or parts of one. Your brain does the rest. It's really amazing what funny, cruel and wonderful things play out in that game. The game is still not finished the first version came out in 2013 and it came a long way. I can't wait to get back into it.

4. Divinity: Original Sin 2 

I have never played another game of the Larian Studios. The last RPG I played before were Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Pillars of Eternity. Deus Ex a visual shooter and stealth game and the later a pretty solid RPG in the style of Baldur's Gate.

Divinity:Original Sin 2 Thumbnail

D:OS2 puts RPG on a whole new level. Fully voice acted by capable men and women, a great story and on top of that a well working turn based combat system and (and I don't say this lightly) stunning visuals.

The story is, as far as high magic fantasy setting can be, believable. A faction of mankind is basically the spanish inquisition on steroids and puts people in death camps. And that is exactly where you start basically.

Everything else would be spoilers. 

But what is maybe much more important than that: It touched me. From the characters who are in a bad situation just because they are what they are to the compassionate creatures that are still friendly no matter what happened to them. 

Yes ... you read correctly. Cursed Electrified Blood Cloud ...



5. Oxygen Not Included

Basebuilder. What can I say? The game from Klei Entertainment has a little twist, because in the asteroid your 3D-printed dudes are put in has not really enough oxygen (hence the name) to have them survive for long. Besides they need food and just go around and destroy the base if they are frustrated and/or unhappy. Also yeah, there is diseases.