Battletech is the one scifi franchise I maybe have the deepest and longest relationship with. I started playing the Tabletop with little cardboard 'miniatures' in the early 90s after my cousin got a box with the plastic miniatures.

Update: 2nd of June

I played about seven hours of BattleTech from Harebrained Schemes and for a beta it's amazing. I recorded three videos/matches so far and they will be up soon. I will fiddle with builds and may comment on the balancing of weapons and pilot skills later on. But it seems fairly balanced as is. 


The stockpile of source books grew and grew and I got some friends involved in playing with or against me. The games of course took forever and we didn't had the space to let the battlefield just sit around for a week so we mainly played smaller games. In 1996 I joined a local Battletech chapter in my home town and now was a Marik mech pilot where I got my still favourite mech to play. I would really have prefeted to play Steiner but we only had a Marik and a Davion chapter in my city. I had some really great weekends there and the fights were fun even though most of the guys were older than me, most of them in their 30s and 40s.

Meanwhile I was reading the books in german and enjoyed the stories about distant worlds under space feudalism. At the same time, I played a lot of games against myself at my grandmas, where I spent most of my weekends. I had a giant mercenary campaign running while we watched TV.

I did not get that involved into BattleSpace and AeroTech but I got those packs as well.
What I loved though was 'The Succession Wars' which I played a lot of even with friends. And then age of Battletech PC games started. I didn't really play the very first of them but basically all Mechwarrior titles.
I played a lot of MechWarrior Online. For about a year or so I played at least two to three hours a day with friends from all over the world. I am kind of sick of MWO at the moment but I will never forget the awesome time I had.

Titles I played:
- Battletech 2nd and 3rd Edition
The add-ons BattleForce, CityTech and Aerotech and the tournament game Solaris VII
- The Succession Wars
- The PC games titled Mechwarrior 1 to 3 and MechCommander and Mechwarrior Online

And, well, I have backed Battletech (Link to Backerit, Link to the forums). So there is gameplay incomming. I am really exited to play that game again, turn based tactics that is.

Battletech Single Player
Mechwarrior Online (german)